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XML and Java Technology

What could be a better match than Java, the most portable programming language, and XML, the most portable data format. Both XML and Java have gained rapid acceptance in today's information technology infrastructure, going well beyond their initial introduction as tools for building Internet applications. This seminar will provide a technical overview of XML and related technologies, and it will illustrate how to process XML documents using the Java programming language. Several examples will be used to illustrate and reinforce the underlying concepts.
This overview seminar is designed for Java software developers who are interested in using XML for processing and communicating hierarchical data. Participants are expected to have experience in developing software with the Java programming language. Prior knowledge of XML is not required, but some familiarity with markup languages such as HTML is assumed.
Recommended Duration:
1 Day
Course Materials:
Each participant will receive a complete set of the course slides.

Course Outline

Detailed Technical Overview of XML
Markup versus Content
Document Type Definition (DTD)
Well-formed versus Validated
XML Applications
Overview of the Extensible Style Language (XSL)
Document Object Model (DOM)
The DOM Interfaces
Mapping DOM Interfaces to Java
Manipulating DOM Trees
Communicating Database Structures Using XML
Exchanging XML Documents in Distributed Applications
Simple API for XML (SAX)
Overview of Event-Driven XML Processing
Processing XML Documents Using SAX
SAX versus DOM


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